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July 11th Joomla Extensions \ Components joomla-image-ads-logoThe Image Ads component is a FREE advertising solution to sell ad space on your Joomla website, but it has all the features of a fully-paid Commercial component. It works like a Mini Ad Spots module, but it's more flexible and completely automated. Your users create ads, upload their own photo, then pay for a PayPal subscription. You just have to approve the ad on the backend and collect your money! It is compatible with Joomla 1.5 and 1.6.

Image Ads features

  • Minimum management overhead - everything is automated!
  • Users create their own ads via the front-end component
  • Users upload their own Ad image with the included Image Upload Form
  • Automatic integration with PayPal Website Standard Payments Subscriptions
  • Configurable for any Country and Currency
  • Option to use PayPal Sandbox for testing
  • Admin can edit Ad details or replace the Ad image via the admin component
  • Image size can be set to any width and height
  • Ads can be set to open in a new window or the current window
  • Ads can be set to use regular or nofollow links
  • Admin can set a Minimum Acceptable Price in case they want to change the Ad Price and still want to accept existing PayPal subscription payments
  • System admin plugin puts a notice at the top of the admin page that tells you the current status of your ads, and warns if there are any ads awaiting approval
  • Email notifications to tell users when their ad has been approved or rejected
  • Admin listings page allows filtering by:
    • Search Term
    • Approval Status
    • Payment Status
  • Admin listings page is sortable by:
    • Display URL
    • Status
    • Owner
    • Created At
    • Last Paid At
    • Image Ad ID
  • Language files for front-end and backend component, plugin and module
  • CSS files for display module and component

Image Ads download area
Image Ads support forum

How do the PayPal subscriptions work?

Once a user has created the ad and uploaded their image, they will be presented with a PayPal Subscriptions button for your monthly price:

PayPal Subscription Button

The initial PayPal Subscription payment

The user will click the Subscribe button and will be taken to a special page on PayPal where they can pay for a monthly subscription. When the initial payment is made, PayPal will immediately notify a special page on your website. The payment will be recorded in your database for the user's ad, and the ad's expiration date will be set for 30 days past the current date. But even with a valid expiration date, an ad will not be displayed until you approve it.

Approving or rejecting an Image Ad

You will receive an email from PayPal letting you know that an ad has been purchased. You can then log into your Joomla admin panel to accept or reject the ad. If you reject it, you may need to manually log into PayPal to cancel the user's subscription and cancel the first payment. After approving or rejecting an ad, the user will receive an email from your website, notifying them of the decision.

Recurring PayPal payments

After each 30 day period, PayPal will automatically draw funds from the user's payment method and deposit the money into your account. PayPal notifies a special page on your website after every payment, and the user's ad expiration date will be extended an additional 30 days after each successful payment. If a user ever cancels their subscription, or if a payment fails, their ad will not be updated with a new expiration date and the ad will not be displayed after it expires.

This system also protects you from any malicious users who would try to "hack" the PayPal button to try and pay less than your Ad Price -- if any payment is received that is less than your Minimum Ad Price, the payment will be recorded but their ad's expiration date will not be set to 30 days in the future and the ad will never be displayed.


Installing the Image Ads system

Our custom installer package will install and enable the entire Image Ads system for you. It consists of the component itself, a front-end display module, and a system plugin that places a notice at the top of your admin panel. Simply upload the zip file via the standard Joomla installer and everything will be set up automatically!

Upgrading from a previous version

Simply upload the new zip file via the standard Joomla installer and the entire system will be updated automatically. All of your component and module settings will be saved for you. If you made changes to any of the files, you should probably back them up first because they will be overwritten.


Configuration settings

You will need to configure the Component and Module. The system plugin does not have any settings to configure.

Image Ads Options Button

Component settings

Browse to the Image Ads component under the Components section of your admin site's main menu. Click on the Options button at the top right of the page. You will see a popover window divided into 4 sections: Display Options, PayPal Settings, Description HTML and Thank You Page HTML. This covers all of the configuration settings related to the core features of the component.


Display Options

  • Site Name: The name of your website to be displayed on the component, in emails, and the return-to-site button on PayPal.
  • Admin Email: The email address to send email notifications from, preferrably an email address from your domain name.
  • Image Width: The width of uploaded ad images.
  • Image Hight: The height of uploaded ad images.
  • Link URL Limit: How long URLs are allowed to be.
  • Display URL Limit: How long the displayed URL is allowed to be, which is used as the ad's popover title.
  • Alt Text Limit: How many characters long the ad text is allowed to be.
  • Grace Period: How many days an ad will continue to be displayed after it has expired. This is to ensure there are no gaps between payments, and to give the ad a couple days leniency in case you unable to initially approve the ad immediately.

PayPal Settings

  • PayPal Email: The email address associated with your PayPal Verified Seller Account.
  • Ad Price: The price you want to sell ad spots for.
  • Minimum Acceptable Price: Keep this the same as the Ad Price. If you ever decide to change your Ad Price after you already have active PayPal subscriptions, be sure to change this to the price of the lowest active subscription price. If this value is higher than any payment you receive, you will still receive the money but the ad won't get a new expiration date and you'll have unhappy advertisers.
  • Location Code: Also known as Language Code. It is defaulted to US (United States). See here for possible values.
  • Currency: Defaults to USD (United States Dollar). See here for possible values.
  • PayPal Sandbox: Set this to No to accept REAL MONEY. Set this to Yes for TESTING. For testing, you will also need to create a fake seller account on and use that fake user's email into the PayPal Email field instead of your real PayPal email address. You will also need to create a fake buyer account and log in with this fake buyer account to purchase a fake subscription.

Description HTML

  • The HTML overview, displayed to the user when they first click the Advertise Here link.

Thank You Page HTML

  • The HTML to display to users after they have purchased a PayPal subscription and have returned to your website.


Module settings


  • Sort By: Choose "Oldest First" to reward your oldest advertisers with the first ad slots, or "Furthest Expiration First" to rotate ads based on which ads most recently made a payment.
  • Links Type: Choose "Nofollow" to make them nofollow links.
  • Open In a New Window: Yes, or No to open in the current window.
  • Image Margin: This is the "margin" CSS property for the
  • element surrounding each Image Ad. It determines the margin around each image.
  • Image Fade Color: When mouse hovering over an image, it fades to 50% opacity. This property sets the background color that it fades to on hover.
  • Popover Vertical: Do you want the popover with the ad description above or below each image?
  • Popover Horizontal: Do you want the popover with the ad description to the left or right of each image?
  • Popover Width: How wide the popover will be when it is displayed on hover.
  • Border Color: Color of the popover border.
  • Title Color: Color of the Site Name title text.
  • Title Background: Color of the title background. This is the "background" CSS property, so images can also be used.
  • Title Font Size: Font size of title text.
  • Text Color: Color of the ad description text.
  • Text Background: Background color of the description text. This is the "background" CSS property, so images can also be used.
  • Font Size: Font size of the description text.
  • New Ad Link Text: The text to use as the New Ad link at the bottom of the module.


Image Ad status system plugin

The system plugin will tell you the current status of your Image Ads at the top of your admin page. If you have any pending ads, it will tell you how many Image Ads are awaiting approval and display a link to a filtered view of pending ads. If you have active ads, it will tell you how many Image Ads are active and display a link to a filtered view of active ads.

Image Ads - Active Ads

Image Ads - Pending Ads


Image Ads download area
Image Ads support forum

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