JomSocial upgraded to 2.0.4

January 30th Site Info \ Site News I've upgraded to JomSocial 2.0.4. There are some pretty awesome improvements over the previous version we had installed.

New features

Like/rating system


JomSocial now has a built-in rating system so users can like or dislike photos, user profiles, groups, videos, etc.


Photo thumbnail cropping


You can now crop out the specific part of your photo you want to use as a thumbnail. Very handy and a time-saver for users who do not have photo editing software on their own computers.


Multiple profile types


This is a pretty cool feature, you can now set up different types of profiles for your users. You can then restrict group creation to specific profile types.


Members listing


You can now create useful links to filtered searches to display your moderators, users living in a certain city, etc. and add them as a menu link.


Automatic photo orientation


Ever noticed how some users upload photos and they are rotated sideways? JomSocial will now auto-detect this and fix it for your users!


Global invitation system


The invitation system has been upgraded to be interactive and have a better design. They've also added a nice API, which means that other developers could create plugins to invite your friends from Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.


Group Events


The JomSocial Events system is pretty slick, and now that functionality has been extended to groups. Very cool!


Event and group subcategories

You can now set up your event and group categories to have subcategories, in case you need to define them more specifically.


Custom messages to the stream


This is a very handy tool for site admins. You can now write a custom message to the stream which every user will see in their own streams! You can also post some pre-defined messages, like Most Viewed Photos, Most Popular users, etc.


More administrative features


You now have much more control over your site users. Each user can modify their vanity URL, configure which page they want to see after logging in, disable their profile video feature, template parameters, and more!

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