Utlimate Social Bookmarking Plugin v1.0.4 Released

May 9th Site Info \ JoomlaDigger.com Site News The Ultimate Social Bookmarking Plugin v1.0.4 has been released. Some new buttons have been added, a few bugs have been fixed, and a new feature has been added.

Joomla 1.5.10 introduced a bug for the plugin which forced all buttons to be displayed on the home page and blog view pages. This is now fixed.

The plugin also has a new setting for components other than content. By default the plugin will only run on content, but it is possible to change it to attempt to run on other components. This is available but not supported, and you should also turn URL Mode to Current URL if you are trying to run it on other components.

Buttons have also been added:

  • Meneame
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo! Buzz small JavaScript badge
  • Yahoo! Buzz square JavaScript badge
  • Yahoo! Buzz small logo badge
  • LinkedIn
  • TwitThis
  • Joomocracy
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